Juhan Jones

Juhahn Jones (William), has dreamed of life as an entertainer since his youth. The Maryland native is no stranger to the spotlight, having starred in numerous plays, commercials, BET film spots, and even a guest starring role in HBO's series The WIRE. After confirming his membership into the SAG Union, Juhahn moved to Los Angeles to further his career, where he continues to build a network of talented entertainers and management, in addition to discovering new talents of his own. A newcomer to stand up comedy and a talented screenwriter, don't be surprised if you find Juhahn at a comedy club near you under the alias "Ju Ju Jones" or locate his name on the writer credits of a major feature, as this seasoned actor is prepared to take the industry by storm. Currently, check out Juhahn starring in his online sketch show, "Juhahn Jones Is."



  • 2013 Jaded The Series

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Jaded is a romantic comedy web series following Jade (America's Next Top Model Winner Saleisha Stowers) and her two best friends, Coco (Natasha Marc) and Destiny (Raney Branch)—each "jaded" by love—through their vastly different approaches to finding happiness with the opposite sex.

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