Episode 1 - "Over Love"

                           Episode 2 - "Coincidence or Fate"

              Episode 3 - "Know The One Your With"

                           Episode 4 - "Lost One"

                     Episode 5 - "Emotions and Pride"

                     Episode 6 - "Temptation Is The Devil "

                     Episode 7 - "Case Of The Ex "

                     Episode 8 - "Hauneted By The Past "


  • 2013 Jaded The Series

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Jaded is a romantic comedy web series following Jade (America's Next Top Model Winner Saleisha Stowers) and her two best friends, Coco (Natasha Marc) and Destiny (Raney Branch)—each "jaded" by love—through their vastly different approaches to finding happiness with the opposite sex.

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